WHO We Are?

Our Mission

To be simple the best in recording Hungarian adaptation

Our main goal is to satisfy the customer’s needs from all aspects by integrating our maximum professional preparation into the final product.

Our company helps You to prepare any type of sound recording in Hungary (Including Commercial Music and SFX making) on the highest standards. Commercial making or adaptation with full adaptation service.


Mark Beke - Former CEO
Studio Manager / Lead Composer

In addition to producing hundreds of commercial (TV – Radio, he has also been a Professional Musician and Sound Engineer for 30 years. Author of hundreds of music for TV commercials, Movie, Radio, Online advertisements and live events. 

As a session musician, he appears in many domestic and international productions. He is the only Hungarian supported musician of the legendary American Hammond Organ Company.


Our Core Values

Commercial making or adaptation with full service.

There is no side talk. There WORK.